30.04.2024  Asteroid Base - 20th Anniversary Edition released !!
Twenty years after the release of the first public béta, I now release the special 20th Anniversary Edition of the map that became a landmark within the Elite Force community and paved the way to what we now know as RPG-X.

The map can be found on the download page or just click this link

08.01.2024  Announcement of "Asteroid Base - 20th Anniversary Edition"


On April 30th 2004, I released the first public béta of "Asteroid Base", one of the many custom maps released for Elite Force which soon became regarded as a landmark for the first game. Additionally, the map paved the way for a modification and community to rise which is known as RPG-X due to its non-starship design and setting which plagued Elite Force heavily. Without Asteroid Base, the RPG-X modification may have looked significally different from what it is today, not to mention the look of various communities formed around it.

Build from scratch and incorporating various improvements from other releases such as Release THREE for Jedi Academy & Jedi Outcast and unreleased versions for other games such as Elite Force II, the 20th Anniversary Edition celebrates this landmark and returns the map to the first Elite Force game.

The map will be released in two versions, one with the original red rock (Béta ONE and TWO) and one with the brown rock (Béta THREE, Release ONE and TWO) and both versions are tailored for usage with the default stvoyhm.exe and the various ioEF versions available.

Release date has been set on April 30th, 2024 at 0:00 CET.

01.01.2024  Happy new year
Happy new year :)