25.08.2022  Proof of concept: "The Animal" - REDUX


Back in 2016 after the release of the version for Jedi Academy, I always wondered how "The Animal" would have looked liked in Elite Force with the improvements and updated designs which were incorporated into Outline THREE and with the abandoned and now-cancelled version for Elite Force II, I recently decided to pick-up Outline THREE, brushed the dust off and completely re-worked the map towards a version which screenshots are listed here above. While reworking the map, I decided also to browse through my archives looking for content that I had to cut in order to make Release ONE back then possible although certain areas were already restored for Outline THREE.

Unfortunately, I hit several limits here and in such a way that even a direct 1-on-1 port from Jedi Academy to Elite Force is not even possible. The default stvoyhm.exe craps out with the shader limit hit, the IO-EF variants can't do anything above 950 entities (around and in total, anything above will result in a HOM Effect *somewhere* in your map) and the special rpgxEF branches are 1) limited by how many tris lines the compiler in GTK Radiant can swallow in the BSP stage and 2) won't even support regular Holomatch (ERROR: G_Spawn: no free entities, a vague error regarding incompatible versions).

It's obvious that Elite Force was Raven Software's first stint with the idtech3 engine and although the game was a very good game, especially back then at the turn of the century but as a developer, I say that there is room for improvement and that improvement came with Jedi Academy. In that respect, I find it a missed opportunity that an OpenEF project does not exist similar and in line with OpenJK for both Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast and with support for the regular Holomatch and other EF-based mods.

That being said, I end this with the notion that if Raven Software was allowed to make ONE remaster, then it should be Elite Force !!

30.04.2022  Variations 1-21 now available !!
After years of work, Release ONE of the Doom map "Variations 1-21" is as of today available for download. Head over to the download page or just click this link.

As a reminder, a limit removing port is required. Enjoy !!

18.04.2022  Release date set for "Variations 1-21"


After years of development (seriously), Release ONE of Variations 1-21 will be released on Saturday April 30th, 2022 at 0:00 CET. This multiplayer map for the original Doom will require a limit removing port and shall not work with the original DOS version.

The map has been developed using ZDoom and GZDoom and is fully playable on those versions. The workings of this map with other ZDoom derivatives and other non-ZDoom ports are unknown at this time and information will be updated when available.

01.01.2022  Happy new year
Happy new year :)