06.10.2021  New screenshots of untitled DOOM project


New screenshots of the untitled Doom multiplayer map, made in both GZDoom (left) and Zandronum (right).

22.03.2021  New screenshots of "Battlestar Aurelia", Outline TWO


New screenshots of the map "Battlestar Aurelia", Outline TWO with a new area to be shown: the Messhall

After years of trial and error, I have managed to create a messhall that does justice to the size of the Aurelia itself. Small enough to feel big and big enough without the need of shouting from one end to the other and/or walk for miles and miles and miles just to get from one stop to another.

This is by far one of the many mistakes I have seen a lot of RPG-X mappers make when I was still active within the RPX-X community. Big impractical rooms because the premise was supposed to be to have a very big ship. Some examples would the USS Nimitz (Bridge area), the Normandy (Mess hall) and there was the Voyager-A map, which had multiple design flaws (rooms too big, rooms too small, endless corridors).

Mapping is difficult and it is very easy to make the simplest mistake. Too bad that a lot of promising mappers decided to give up and abandoned their RPG-X projects, which led to the demise of available content for RPG-X, especially when you compare it to other games, such as the original Doom, Jedi Academy/Outcast and the original Command & Conquer to name a few ...

15.01.2021  The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one ...


Today I publish the first official screenshots of "Asteroid Base" for Doom 3.

Originally and still meant as a proof of concept that was hinted back in October 2016, the project remained somewhat in very slow development. Some months ago, it regained traction once more due to ceased development of other projects, namely the projects that I had intended for Elite Force and Elite Force II. During that time, I also managed to find an editor robust and powerful to do what I want and how I want it.

This all combined has lead to the publication of the first eight official screenshots and although a lot of work lies ahead, I am confident that I can finish the map and bring "Asteroid Base" to the idtech4 engine.

01.01.2021  Happy new year
Happy new year :)