12.02.2018  How Release THREE would've looked liked for Elite Force




Before the port to Jedi Academy, Release THREE of Asteriod Base saw its initial development in Elite Force, the game where it all began. A large portion of the map was already done before the port and at that moment, the default executable (stvoyHM.exe) couldn't handle the map anymore (MAX_SHADERS hit).

I decided to port the map towards Jedi Academy for a number of reasons. The first would be the obvious since Jedi Academy has higher limitations, therefor providing me with more room to do things and secondly since Jedi Academy still has an active modding community. Compared to Elite Force's modding community (which is is practicly zero), the choice was once again pretty obvious.

I could've sticked with Elite Force and I could've used an extender such Thilo's efport progress or GSIO01's rpgxEF project in order to make a full, dedicated RPG-X version of "Asteroid Base" but both projects haven't seen any development since 2013 and therefor should be regarded as "abandoned" and "dead". Much unlike Jedi Academy's OpenJK project, which is still going strong.

01.01.2018  Happy new year
Happy new year :)