22.10.2017  Unused promotional screenshot

A promotional image intended to for the release of Extended TWO of the map "U.S.S Leonov - 'the Animal'"

Extended TWO would've taken advantage of the special rpgxEF branch that was being developed when this version was being developed. Especially the number of entities would've been increased (including blue and yellow alert) for this version.

rpgxEF is no longer in development and its homepage doesn't exist anymore.

Ultimately, Extended TWO formed the basis for the Jedi Academy version Outline THREE, which saw further development and the restoration of certain design elements that had to be cut from Release ONE, notably on Deck 2.

12.09.2017  Conceptual screenshots

Some concept images from the time I was still developing the Battlestar Aurelia map for RPG-X. At the time, I was toying with the transparent workstation idea that I had seen in Avatar.

Most designs were pretty locked tight at that moment and found their way in the Aurelia map before it was being ported towards Jedi Academy.

28.02.2017  Asteroid Base - Release THREE, Update ONE release date
Tomorrow an update will be released for Asteroid Base for Jedi Academy. The update will address several issues brought forward during the 2016 summer courses that I have given plus that after 13 years, it will add a working bot support. The bot support will also work on the old Release THREE version.

01.01.2017  Happy new year
Happy new year :)