10.11.2014  Updated screenshots of the "Southern Cross"

Updated W.I.P screenshots of the map "U.S.S Southern Cross".

28.09.2014  New screenshots of "Asteroid Base"

More W.I.P screenshots of the map "Asteroid Base".

14.07.2014  New screenshots of "Asteroid Base"

W.I.P screenshots of the map "Asteroid Base" for Jedi Academy.

09.06.2014  The Force shall be strong with the "Asteroid Base"

The original map for Elite Force, now in the process of being ported towards Jedi Academy shall feature various elements incorporated from the unreleased Release THREE and RPG-X versions for Elite Force.

30.04.2014  Ten years of "Asteroid Base"
On this day ten years ago, the first beta of the Elite Force map "Asteroid Base" was released to the public. Too bad the people who benefited most of my map lack the nessacery level of maturity to resolve our differences and continue to regard me as untermensch . . .

29.01.2014  New screenshot

W.I.P of the messhall aboard U.S.S Leonov for Jedi Academy.

19.01.2014  New site design live
Today, a new site design has gone live. Altough a lot has remained the same, this design allows the end-user a more easy navigation through the this website.

01.01.2014  Happy new year
Happy new year :)