10.12.2013  Twenty Years of Doom

A small tribute to the game that sparked my mapping interest . . .

24.11.2013  New versions of AB2 & ABr available
New versions of both Asteroid Base II and Asteroid Base - Redone are now available to download. These versions (Release TWO) will replace the older Release ONE versions and are available from ModDB.

02.11.2013  What could've been an RPG-X map . . .

Early WIP shots of the bridge aboard the "U.S.S Southern Cross", originally included within the RPG-X version of the "Battlestar Aurelia" map.

02.09.2013  Updated screenshots available
Updated screenshots of the "Battlestar Aurelia" map for Jedi Academy are now available from the Screenshots page, which have been made with the new community based OpenJK version.

Screenshots of the Jedi Outcast version will be updated somewhere this week.

25.08.2013  The latest version of RPG-X ...
The result of their latest version:

Seems that some older, more sophisticated maps are seemingly not compatible with RPG-X anymore, thus forcing developers to update their maps because a single modification doesn't support them anymore . . .

24.08.2013  The Force is strong with the Animal
Tinkering with textures ... again!

Testbuild of a corridor section of the U.S.S Leonov for Jedi Academy.

19.03.2013  New screenshots available
Final screenshots of the map "Battlestar Aurelia" are now available from the Screenshots page, which contains images from all available versions, including the canceled RPG-X version.

01.01.2013  Happy new year
Happy new year :)