23.12.2012  "Battlestar Aurelia" available for Jedi Outcast
Outline ONE of the map "Battlestar Aurelia" is available now for Jedi Outcast. You can download it from the Download page.

The high resolution texture pack which was released for the Jedi Academy version is also compatible for this version.

04.12.2012  "IMPORTANT NOTICE !!
Due to questionably decissions originating from the RPG-X communities, I hereby declare that none of my maps may be used in conjecture with the RPG-X modification or with other projects made by Ubergames staffmembers, past, present and future.

The continued use of my maps in said modification shall result into a piracy warning to the server host.

30.11.2012  "Battlestar Aurelia" - Outline ONE released !!
The map "Battlestar Aurelia" has been released for Jedi Academy. You can download it from the Download page.

Additionally, a high resolution texture pack has been made available for use with the map and can be downloaded from the earlier mentioned download page.

26.11.2012  Release date set for "Battlestar Aurelia" - Outline ONE
Outline ONE of the map "Battlestar Aurelia" shall be released this Friday (November 30th) at 0:00 CET.

Altough not entirely completed, the map will be released "as is" because of time constraints and rather then to mothball the project all together, I have decided to release the map in its current form so that other mappers can draw their inspiration from it.

Additionally, a high-resolution texture pack will become available for use with the map and potentially other user-created maps.

06.11.2012  New screenshots online
New screenshots of the Jedi Academy version of the map "Battlestar Aurelia" are now online, which can be accessed through the Screenshots page.

06.10.2012  Regarding "Asteroid Base"
Over the past six months, I have received many inquiries regarding an RPG-X version of the original "Asteroid Base" map. Altough I'm not opposed to that idea, there are a certain situations that currently prevents such an occurance to occur, which I will state below:

1) Technical issues
When I released the original AB map, I probably made every mistake that was possible to make and I'm quite certain that I have re-written the 'big mistakes' book regarding mapping in general. I still wonder why the map remains a success eight years after its original release, because there are technicly far better maps released before, during and after 2004, the year Beta ONE was released. Personally, I think it has something to do with timing because a whole lot of starship-like maps were released that were all quite similar and I came with a different kind of map, which hugely benefitted the roleplaying community who was in its infancy back then.

Back to the technical issues. Since I made so many mistakes while mapping the original map, I came across the MAX_EDGE_LINES q3map error message quite early in development and though I have been able to circumvent that, it is remains rather visible. I just made the map too detailed for the engine to handle and altough adding new sections remains possible, I would build them on a very unstable foundation. That is why I made the decision to make "Asteroid Base - Redone".

Since then, my mapping skills for the idTech3 engine have increased significantly and using that knowledge has resulted that on a rainy Sunday afternoon, q3map2 was able to successfully compile Release TWO without errors and better looking then the released version. So to answer many peoples question: yes, it is able to release a specific RPG-X version of the original Asteroid Base map! Only there is another issue which prevents such a release:

2) Ubergames
Many of you know that I have been banned from the Ubergames forums and I have tried on various occasions to reason with Tim Oliver but he remains locked in the notion that he will only accept any arguments that what he WANTS to hear. Anything that does not fall under that category, is BY DEFAULT being labeled and classified as a flame, troll or other degenerative message/post/whatever and dealt accordingly, which says a lot about him because whenever someone plays a joke on somebody else, he will laugh out loud but when the same joke is played on him, then you have a problem and my ban is the result of such occurance.

Tim Oliver strongly believes that whenever a black man has raped a women, all black men are rapists by default. Tim Oliver also strongly believes that whenever a muslim performs an act of terrorism, all muslims are terrorists by default, etc, etc and I shall always remain a foul user who has played a joke on him which was identical to the joke that was played onto me. Nice way of saying "thank you" to one who was instrumental in making your modification a success, don't you think ?? Therefor ladies and gentlemen, I present you the real Timothy Oliver, narrow minded and unable to put things in the right context, especially when it is him concerned . . .

Perhaps you lot have better luck in reasoning with him. I have decided to give up and started to map for other games, which the former RPG-X map "Battlestar Aurelia" shall be the first to be released for Jedi Academy and if groups such as TLO are deciding to support other, idTech3 based games, I shall be more then happy to oblige by porting one or more of my older maps towards that game. Any new releases for RPG-X is something I don't see happen anytime soon as long as Tim Oliver is unwilling to meet me in the middle and actively tries to resolve our differences into a solution that will work for both parties . . .

05.09.2012  New screenshots online
New screenshots of the Jedi Academy version of the map "Battlestar Aurelia" are now online. You can access them through the Screenshots page.

28.08.2012  New download links available
Since Fileplanet "is no longer being updated and is in the process of being archived", I have moved my downloads to Mod DB and have updated my Download page.

All maps which were previously available through Fileplanet are once again available to download again.

05.07.2012  The Force is strong with the Aurelia

Testbuild of the CIC section for Jedi Academy.

03.06.2012  Battlestar Aurelia defintly not for Elite Force/RPG-X
I regret to announce that the Aurelia will defintly NOT be released for Elite Force/RPG-X modification. I truly wished that I could make a different announcement here but unfortunately, that will not be possible anymore. This is apperantly the "thank you" I get from them, to be regarded as an untermensch and no longer as an equal human being who was partly responsible for the success of what ultimately became RPG-X.

I will not claim that I was solely responsible for that success but when I released my original Asteroid Base map, roleplaying was in it's infancy and the only available maps at that time, were starship-like designs. I came with a different oriented map that could be played both in deathmatch as well in roleplay and that seriously boosted the concept of roleplaying as a true addition to the Elite Force game but apperantly that achievement has no longer any weight. I just wonder what roleplaying would've become if it didn't have that (what most people will regard, both past and present) landmark in the Elite Force mapping community.

It seems that Tim Oliver remains locked into the notion that he will only accept any arguments as long as it mirrors his own. He is simply unable to find any merrit in other arguments and will refuse to find someone else somewhere in the middle. If Tim doesn't hear what he wants to hear, then the best advice I can give you, is to give up because none of the arguments you will make will find any resonance with him, basicly turning into a "his way or the highway" situation.

Other then the fact that Ubergames is for the Tim Oliver like-minded only, his line of thinking can be found currently in North-Korea, China, Zimbabwe and any other country that knows an oppressive regime and that fears me for other Ubergames members who have a different opinion regarding certain situations because I truly believe that if he could've used violence, then the situation will be something similar as what is currently happening in Syria and in that respect, I am glad that I'm no longer part of the Ubergames member base . . .

24.04.2012  Filefront censorship Gestapo at it again . . .

Click for a larger version

Taken from this POTD.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Filefront critisism Gestapo is at it again. Those boys and girls simply do not like it when you have some justified critisism regarding the way they "handle" their operation and they will go at great lengths to shut you up.

Looks like Filefront (or Gamefront as they call themselves these days) has become the digital equivalent of harsh regimes currently found in China, North Korea, Birma, Zimbabwe, Iran and these days also Syria, which is nothing new since I have stated that on multiple occasions in the past and it is evident now that their behaviour will not change in the foreseeable future.

That is why I would like to urge everyone not to use Filefront anymore and to remove all content you may have uploaded there in the past. It seems that they will not listen to their userbase, maybe they will start listening when faced with diminishing users and page visits and as an optimist, I can only hope that they will start to listen to their userbase or that Break Media decides to cut their losses, hopefully the latter . . .

13.04.2012  New project: Battlestar Aurelia
April 13th, 2012


Apprentice is proud to present a preview for his latest project named the "Battlestar Aurelia". Inspired by not only Star Trek but also a various scala of Sci-Fi sources, the successor of the Asteroid Base series, the Battlestar Bellerophon and the U.S.S Leonov maps, aims to combine the diversity and technical achievements of all my previous Elite Force releases into a single map.

Originally, this map was developed for Elite Force and specificly the RPG-X modification. However, due to questionable decisions made by the RPG-X developers and their unwillingness to resolve this which has resulted into my current status as untermensch, I have decided to port this map towards another game that makes use of the idTech3 engine and finish it accordingly. It is as of yet undetermined which game it shall be but stay tuned for further updates.

The first screenshots of the cancelled RPG-X version are available through the Screenshots page.

11.04.2012  Latest screenshot

"What happens if the moderator doesn't have a pencil?"
- "Then you're pretty screwed."

10.02.2012  Star Trek: Asteroid Base [Phase II] event
Roleplaying group The Last Outpost will hold this Sunday (February 12th) their Star Trek: Asteroid Base [Phase II] event, for which they will be using my original Asteroid Base map.

This event will start at 19:00 GMT and as always, the map can be downloaded from the Download page if you haven't it already. Have fun!

18.01.2012  Download page updated
Today a much needed overhaul has taken place on the Download page.

Besides removing dead links, I have decided to discontinue various versions of several maps, namely Asteroid Base II and Asteroid Base - Redone. The only versions that will remain are the full versions, which includes all previously available seporate releases.

01.01.2012  Happy new year
Happy new year :)