21.12.2011  Screenshot time
A screenshot of something which could've been a RPG-X based map ...

"I have a mission for you, Kara"
- "Anything for you, you know that."

30.07.2011  Screenshot time
A screenshot of something which could've been a RPG-X based map ...

"No one should be under any illusions about what we're gonna face here. Our final jump will take us intra-atmosphere, less than two clicks above the surface."

07.05.2011  Too bad Tim had to be an arse ...

... 'cause this could've been something.

Then again, there are plenty of games out there where I can create maps for, while the RPG-X community remains stuck with the same public maps over and over and over and over again.

The same old Poseidon-B and the same old Atlantis and the only new thing they get, is either re-textures of existing maps or new maps that doesn't reach the quality that any the stock maps has reached. Anyway, their loss, not mine . . .

21.04.2011  Officially ending "The Animal"
Earlier this evening, Fileplanet has deleted "The Animal" from their servers, therefor officially ending development and support for the map. The Screenshots will remain available for viewing purposes and as a source of inspiration for other mappers.

20.04.2011  U.S.S Leonov - "The Animal" withdrawn !!
Due to questionable decisions made by the Ubergames staff (and at this point, I dare to call it an act of discrimination), I have decided to withdraw the release of "The Animal", the map I have made for their RPG-X modification.

I cannot and willnot accept that two IDENTICAL infractions are qualified and delt with totally UNRELATED from one and another and since that is not going to change anytime soon, I see no other option then to remove my work from official channels.

I will not allow my work to be stained and/or involved or otherwise by and with people who think that some persons are better then other persons and therefor grant them more privileges. People are equal. Various laws in the western world say that also. Too bad Ubergames doesn't see that.

17.03.2011  Animal Extended version cancelled
The Extended version of "The Animal" has been cancelled.

With a program that hasn't been updated in months and a compiler that doesn't meet my needs, developing becomes pretty much impossible. Instead of releasing a version which is far less then the Regular version, released last year, I made the decision to cancel the project to protect the integrity and quality level of my work.

This announcement also included my departure from the Elite Force mapping community. The game is more then a decade old and "The Animal" was always intended to be my last project for the game. Time to move on . . .

23.01.2011  Honestly ...

Click for a larger version

I only wish that that was truly the case but unfortunately, it isn't as the "discussion" in this POTD once again proves.

It is apperantly too much to ask from Filefront staffmembers, not to re-arrange the rules and apply them as they see fit and/or to maneuver themselves into a position where the blame/fault/whatever doesn't lie with them, but with you.

Judging on the way they conduct things, it is indeed something which is too much to ask . . .

22.01.2011  rpgxEF cancelled
The rpgxEF modification has been cancelled. When no news has been released in the last few months and a developer who does not respond to inquires, no other conclusion can be drawn then to draw the fact the it has been cancelled. This also means that a special q3map2 version that would support larger maps will never be developed and released either.

This unfortunately will reflect development of the extended version of "The Animal". I intend to finish it properly, though I will be severely limited by the latest version of rpgxEF and the current regular version of q3map2.

01.01.2011  Happy new year
Happy new year :)