05.12.2010  Fallout New Vegas
If you haven't bought it already, then the perfect Christmas gift for this year will be a copy of Fallout New Vegas. A PIRATED copy to be exact.

When this game hitted the shelves, it wasn't finished. In fact, if that EU proposal was law already, then both Bethesda and Obsidian would have a serious problem.

Six weeks after the release date, many people on different platforms are barely able to or are completely unable to play the game and that is in my opinion completely unacceptable. "Isn't there a patch then?", I can hear you ask. Yes, apperantly there is one comprehensive patch in the works according to Bethesda officials. Only thing with that patch is, is that it seems to be in development for the past six weeks which comes to the only conclusion that the whole patch issue is just vaporware.

So I tell you here, just pirate the game. Experience the bugs without feeling sorry that you have spend 50 or 60 bucks down the drain and even if that patch ever hits the market, don't bother buying the legitimate version of the game. In my opinion: Bethesda had its chance, it screwed up big-time so don't feel sorry for them!

25.09.2010  Tinkering with textures
Just what happens when I get bored, nothing more:

Textures and geometry comes from Sparky's U.S.S Nimitz map, which to this date hasn't left beta stages yet(?). The layout as displayed is from when I was playing with it . . .

10.07.2010  EF Galaxy mirrors removed
Today I recieved word that EF Galaxy has ceased all of their operations and will not restart them in the near future. As a result of that move, I have decided to remove all EF Galaxy links I had listed on the Download page.

There is, off course, no point in providing a download mirror here if that mirror doesn't exist anymore . . .

07.07.2010  Broken downloads
It seems to be close to impossible to find any reliable third-party hosting service for any of my maps. Fileplanet recently removed a lot of my uploaded content, EF Galaxy seems to be more down then up, Hazardteam.de apperently is left to gather a crapload of dust and Filefront had their chance but decided not to take it.

As a result, the majority of downloads listed on the Download do not work anymore. For the moment, I am trying to find a more reliably hosting service and try to get the current people behind existing services to get their act together.

If that fails, then I will have no choice to revoke my permissions for third-party hosting to host my files and will make every download available from the website itself. Stay tuned for more information . . .

05.05.2010  Update released for "The Animal"
An update was released today for the Release ONE version of "The Animal". This update fixes an occurance where a certain bridge model was ommited from the original release and can be downloaded from the Download page.

30.04.2010  U.S.S Leonov - "The Animal" released !!
After two years of development, Release ONE of the roleplaying map "The Animal" has now been released. The Regular version weighs 12,8 MB and is available through the Download page.

Unfortunately, both EF Galaxy and Fileplanet aren't that fast so both locations may not work in the next few hours . . .

-- Update 10:00 CET --
Due to the fact the download remains unavailable through both EF Galaxy and Fileplanet, the file has been temporarely been stored on the webserver itself.

-- Update 20:30 CET --
Fileplanet mirror is active again.

01.03.2010  Release date set for "The Animal"
The regular version of "The Animal" (labelled Release ONE) will be released on April 30th at midnight CET.

The special TDP version shall be released somewhat later to include some of the new features found within the special rpgxEF version currently in development.

01.02.2010  U.S.S Leonov - Béta TWO released !!!
Béta TWO of the U.S.S Leonov has now been released to all beta testers who have entered the registrations. If you haven't, check your junk/spam section of your e-mail client.

If you were a bétatester and you haven't submitted any feedback since November, then you have been removed from the list and shall therefor not recieve a copy of Béta TWO.

24.01.2010  Reasons why Filefront should be disregarded
Normally I don't use my personal webpage to comment on other websites (unless it is related to downloadable content originating from this website).
Personally, I prefer to state them onto the site self so that whoever feels obliged to it, can make comments that either acknowledges of disprove my statements but in the case of Filefront/Filesnetwork, they forced my hand to do it here instead where they are and will be unable to respond to and at this point their arguments will simply be disregarded, they had their chance.
That's what happens when staffmembers decide to pull rank on regular members and subsequently hide behind their priviledges.

In my opinion, Filefront and therefor Filesnetwork should have pulled the plug last year since I don't believe any improvement in their current and declining status will become visible over the couse of 2010 and beyond. Eversince their April fool's joke, things have gone from bad to worse on the many aspects that they represent.

First of all, the technical issues that currently and has plagued the Filesnetwork sites for months. Even before the April fool's joke, when Filefront/Filesnetwork was still part of Ziff Davies, some major and minor technical issues surfaced themselves which didn't get fixed and nowadays, most of them are still unaddressed. After a year of these broken functionalities, the only thing the tech guys did was implementing a totally unimaginative and unintuitive site design, basicly throwing Filesnetwork users back into the stone age. See here: the priorities of the so-called "tech guys" . . .

Technical issues aren't the only thing that has destroyed Filefront's and Filesnetwork credibility. Many of the site-administrators (especially the ones I had to deal with) are children, nothing more and nothing less. The problem with those children is that they lack a certain amount of life experience to reflect and balance their decisions, oftenly resulting in a narrow minded, monochromatic vision and absolute power behaviour on how to deal with certain things ("our way or the highway", pulling rank and other behaviour that also appears with certain moderators on the Filefront forums).
That the law says that people have reached adulthood when they are 18 doesn't mean that they are adults yet and that they are site- administrators doesn't mean that they are always right. I can name three cases where people believed that they were right, only to be proven otherwise and that is just locally.
In my opinion, site administrators should at lease be 27 years old, so that they can reach a certain level of maturity which they can bring into their decision making.

Not only the lack of maturity by the site-administrators is an issue, also the fact that some of them refuse to take any real responsebility regarding their site is a real downgrading factor written on Filenetwork's conto. Especially with EFfiles.com, I believe that some of the past and present site-administrators are only on the spot because they think "this is so cool" and gives them status/prestige on either the FF/FN community or possibly even other communities in existence.
This is especially visible in the POTD section of EFfiles.com, where screenshots are being posted which wouldn't even be considered a few years back and if you address them on that point, the only answer you will get is "what else did you expect?", hence certain comments that I got from staffmembers.

This all combined and considered leads me to believe that Filefront is a bad horse to bet on and have decided to discard it "as is" and aimed my arrows to other communities, some small and not so wide spread known to other competing fileswebsites such as Fileplanet and I urge everyone after reading this lenghty text to do the same . . .

18.01.2010  Second closed béta announcement
The second béta of "The Animal" map shall be released on February 1st at 0:00 CET, which will be on a Monday and will serve as a last chance to straighten things out before I release the map to the public.

As before, anyone who is interested can participate in this béta session. The only thing people will have to do, is to drop me an e-mail stating that they want in.

Applications close on January 30th around 18:00 CET and all applicants will recieve a notifications ASAP that they have entered the béta session and all participants must be able to use the ioEF/ioCow versions of the Holomatch engine.

10.01.2010  New screenshots online
New screenshots of the "The Animal" are now online. These final screenshots will replace the WIP-shots that have been published before and are accessable through the Screenshots page.

09.01.2010  Texture comparisation
What would happen if one would take some sections from 'The Animal' and mix them with TDP's textureset. The result:

Too bad that The Dark Project never finished their Insurrection Alpha modification and that the team members have vanished since then. What would have happened when they did finish their modification . . .

04.01.2010  Béta2 around the bend ... ehh corner
2010 has just begun and I can already announce that a second and possible final betaround for the map "The Animal" will be held somewhere later this month/early February. Watch this space for more information !!

01.01.2010  Happy new year
Happy new year :)