15.12.2007  Texture pack released for "Battlestar Bellerophon"
Today, a long delayed texture pack for the map "Battlestar Bellerophon" was released.

This pack will remove the NX01 mod dependency from the map and make it compatible for the default game or other (populair) modifications like the RPG-X mod, In2tagib or TOS Weapons mod.

The texture pack is 9,99 MB large and available from the Download-page. Enjoy ;)

11.08.2007  Crash ... (2)
After the software crash I experienced back in June, I have now experienced a complete hardware crash as in my AMD mobo decided to die and gone to heaven, along with some of my HDD's (and the ones that survived are about to die). As a result of that, I lost everything that resides on those drives and though a lot can be recovered from back-up's, I estimate that I lost over 95% of what I had.

That simply means that apart from a few, all running (and not so running) projects are lost beyond recovery. I still have back-ups laying around but judging from the pile I estimate that the "most recent" of them are from December last year and if I'm lucky somewhere mid-March. All files which were used for the Released versions (Asteroid Base & Battlestar Bellerophon) are still within my possesion, only not the updated versions that I was working on . . .

On a side note:
Ever tried mapping on a PII/466 with a Voodoo 3 card ??
Never ... ever ... try ... that !!
Though I must admit that the Voodoo is faster then the Geforce 256 which I had temporary installed about eightteen months ago in my AMD rig when it was still working . . .

26.06.2007  Crash ...
Mozilla Thunderbird sucks ... especially when you had a crash and the program lacks a proper import/export feature to import messages from a previous Thunderbird installation. Therefor I have switched back to Outlook again, only to have no messages anymore.

Therefor I ask that everyone who (at least) recently contacted me through the apprentice.be address, to re-send their messages so that I have an opportunity to get back to you. I know that I had some messages from some people and by now, they all have recieved a request from me.

Anyway, don't use Thunderbird again until it has a proper import/export feature something similair to what Outlook has . . .

05.06.2007  -- Entry removed --
01.06.2007  Battlestar Bellerophon - Outline ONE released !!!
Well, this is it. Today, the map Battlestar Bellerophon has been released. You can download the map and the background music file from the Download page.

Mirrors shall be added as soon as they become available and as always: feedback can be given through the conventional means of e-mail or forum posts . . .

31.05.2007  Tick ... tick ... tick (3)
Only three hours to go and with that, I will state the download sizes here so that you can know what to expect . . .
  • Outline ONE: 11,6 MB
  • Music file: 8,01 MB
There shall be no other versions.

27.05.2007  It's ... done
Yep, you've read it right, the map is done. At least Outline ONE is finished, there is always room for improvement but for now I'm quite satisfied with the end results and I can always decide to release an Outline TWO.

Anyway, the release date is still firmly set for June 1st and currently Release Candidate II is being thoroughly tested by all Alpha testers, which if no problems are being found, will ultimately become Outline ONE.

18.05.2007  Outline ONE Release date
As the pop-up already indicated, Outline ONE of the map "Battlestar Bellerophon" will be released on June 1st, 2007 at 0:00 CET.

The map shall be released in one version only, which contains all files required to play the map with the exception of the background music and NX01 specific materials that can be found within the NX01 mod itself.

Currently, the filesize of the (Alpha 61) PK3 repository is 11,5 MB and the optional music file is 8,01 MB large, altough this is subject for change . . .

12.05.2007  New screenshots
New final screenshots of the Bellerophon map have been uploaded to the site, which shall replace the Alpha screenshots who have been previously listed.

Also, due to various unexpected circumstances here on my end, the release of the Bellerophon map has been postponed until a later announced date. I still have lots to do with the map and five days are simply not enough time to finish it properly ...

30.04.2007  Alpha 6 update
Three years to the date that Beta ONE of the map "Asteroid Base" was released, Alpha 6 of the map "Battlestar Bellerophon" has been released to all Alpha testers (who should have recieved a copy in their mailboxes).

The latest Alpha build features several fixes, updated area's and an entirely new causeway (located north). Also some of the doors are now working with trigger brushes rather then the 'default quake door' entity. Further more, things are looking good here (mapping is almost done, placing items and balancing are next), so I am still targetting a release on Ascension Day (Thursday May 17th).

16.04.2007  New release: The Underring Halls
A recent discussion over at the Map-Center.com forums about retro-mapping, reminded me that I have a large collection of Doom maps stored on the good old fashioned 3.5" floppy disks.

This weekend I browsed through several of them and through all the WIP's and concept maps I came across one that was finished, which I have named The Underring Halls and as of today, it has been made available for the public.

The map was created for the original Doom but should work for all the Doom versions available today like ZDoom or Boom. It was designed for 4 (four) but it may support more and since I have released this map "as is", I cannot give any guarantees that it works with more then four players. Anyway: Happy Fragging !!

09.04.2007  Some updates
It's been some weeks and a lot have happened here. Time for a short summary:
Since the Apache software wasn't able to communicate with the outside world anymore and I hardly have the time left to get in the material, I have decided to buy the domain www.apprentice.be and have moved all content from the Lycos mirror to it.

I also moved the .tk referer to the new location so you now have two choices to get on my webspace. You can use the .be extension if you experience any problems with the .tk referer.

Battlestar Bellerophon:
Outline ONE of the map Battlestar Bellerophon is comming along nicely. For a while, I've run out of ideas (which happens a lot) and I was a bit busy with real life stuff but now the creative juices are flowing again and I'm hitting on an Ascension Day release (May 17th, don't know if I wrote it right), though it's subject to change.

In the meantime, I shall update the Screenshots page of this map in the next few weeks to display some of the latest additions I have made to the map.
11.03.2007  Alpha 5.5 update
Alpha version 5.5 (marked today) has been released to all Alpha testers. The map contains several bugfixes which were reported during previous alpha sessions and users of the Christmas Alpha released last ... Christmas :D

Furthermore, the map has been made more "release ready" regarding scripts and such for the upcomming release which will be announced at a later date.

29.01.2007  Back @ Lycos again ...
Due to unknown technical difficulties somewhere within the server rig, I was forced to place the website back on the Lycos webspace again.
At this time, I have no idea for how long it will be and what it takes to solve the problem on the server rig. What I do know, is that something within Windows has gotten corrupted, since both Apache 2.2.3 and 2.2.4 versions both were unable to reach the outside world.

04.01.2007  Happy new year
A belated happy new year to all of you.

Furthermore, a new screenshot of the Bellerophon map has been added to the Alpha screenshots page, on top of the Christmas Alpha, which was released on several boards on Christmas day.