26.10.2006  Server update & New project
Today a much needed update to the HTML server has been performed. The server now runs latest Apache 2.2.3 version. Bugs, suggestions and comments can as always, be mailed to the (web)Apprentice.

Frequent visitors of Mapcenter.com, Spacestation K7 forums and EF Files.com have already seen it, but as of today the screenshots of the new Elite Force map "Battlestar Bellerophon" can be found here on www.apprentice.tk.

The map is inspired by SciFi Channel's hitseries Battlestar Galactica and will use the sadly discontinued NX01 mod as a base.

12.03.2006  ABDS released !!
Oops! I was completely forgotten last Friday to write here that ABDS had been officially released (altough the Downloads page was updated).

05.03.2006  "Asteroid Base - Deleted scenes" release date
The map "Asteroid Base - Deleted scenes" (ABDS for short) version 1.0 shall be released this Friday March 10th 2006.

The map shall be released 'as is' and without Bot support due to an unsolvable error message (see below for more details). Further more, the map will support besides Holomatch also Team Holomatch and Capture the Flag and will take around 5 MB of storage space.

24.02.2006  The bots are taking a leak ...
------ FloodEntities -------
WARNING: no entities inside
**** leaked ****

This is basicly everything and everytime I try to compile the DS.BSP into an .AAS file. What causes this, I don't know and I find it strange that I get such an error, since the whole BSP process didn't report any leak at all. Suffice to say, is that if this error message continues to be persistant, bot support won't be included in the upcomming "Deleted scenes" map ...

21.02.2006  Bots & New screenshots
Many of you have mailed me over the last few months asking if I could release a version of AB which supports bots. Though bots were originally planned to be part of the package, it was never included due to that the botcompiler simply crashed while compiling the .AAS file. AB's structure has proven to be too large for the EF-engine to handle in it's current form. Due to this, I was also never been able to succesfully convert the map into an RPG version for on-line RPG play, which ultimately failed due to the shaderlimit.

In order to achieve this, I need to restructure the entire AB map and that is something I have begun over the course of the last few days. This will ultimately result that certain elements will disappear partially or entirely in order to reduce the map's size. Another part in the solution, is that I can remove the '-notjunc' feature in the command line so I can 'properly' compile the map and don't have to circumvent an important stage within the compiling process.

In other news: New screenshots of the upcomming "Asteroid Base - Deleted scenes" map have been added to the Screenshots section.