02.04.2005  Progress update
It's been a while, but a lot has happened here but suffice to say, things are still in motion.

The RPG version of Asteroid Base is comming along nicely, only not without a fight. As has been stated before, the Holomatch version experienced a lot of trouble with Elite Force's shaderlimit and the RPG is no expection to it. It seems like the RPG mod is snooping more shaders away then the regular HM version, so I probably have to increase the _lightmapscale value in order to accomodate things. Downside is that it will be more noticable then Release TWO did and it's still unknown at this point that it will actually work.

27.01.2005  -- Entry removed --
21.01.2005  Asteroid Base - Release TWO released !!!
Asteroid Base - Release TWO is as off today, been released to the general public. You can download the file from the Download page and it's 6,23 MB large. Hopefully, this one will do better then the last ;)

17.01.2005  Release TWO and Press release
The second release of the map "Asteroid Base", also known as AB-R2, shall be released on January 21st at 0:00 CET. Other then the beta versions and Release ONE, shall Release TWO be only released as PLAYABLE version. The name PLAYABLE shall also be dropped. The reason for this, is that the three versions (Full, Playable, Split-up) are not compatible with one another, so to eliminate this problem, Iíve decided to drop the three release versions and release the map in one single file.

On a secondary note, there is a presskit for community based websites available. The press release contains the following:
  • Press release text in both document and text format
  • Readme in text format
  • Release Notes in text format
  • Twenty-one screenshots in five different formats (1280x1024, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480 and 160x112 Thumbnail format)
  • All content may be distrubited freely and widely. The file is 7,22 MB large and you can find it here.

    13.01.2005  Busy ... busy ... busy
    Well, things went a bit hectic around here for a while. Release ONE has been downloaded over 800 times during the last four weeks (a complete stat will be given in a few days) and a even greater number of comments were able to find themselves into the BBS, the comments area on the EF Files.com mirror and last but not least, my mailbox. For those of you who mailed after January 5th, I'll get back to you, might take a few days though . . .

    Release TWO is getting underway. I've been busy trying to eliminating the shaderlimit hit error and thusfar, I've booked some results on that aspect. It's not going to be pretty, but at least you'll be able to play without gray squares with white retangles. Also, some minor modifications have been implemented for future references . . .

    Then there is such a thing as quarters. Many people have asked if quarters can be added to the map for RPG play. Currently, they won't be added while I'm still working on the Holomatch part. Once I've declared victory on some of the major issues, I'm going to port the map towards a version specificly designed and targetted to the RPG element, which will be based on the victories achieved by Release TWO.

    That's it for the moment. Don't think that I'm inoring you just because you didn't hear from me, it's a bit hectic around here with R2 and other stuff. As for the LCARS, Simmo doesn't respond (or doesn't get my mails), so if you think that you can make some LCARS textures for the map, please do so and if Simmo sees this, the mailbox is open.

    That's it for today, let's play . . .